Add pictures to my profile picture gallery

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Go to Profile

Go to Profile.png

Select the Profile tool from the Tool Menu in the Home area.

Click Pictures

Click Pictures.png

Click Browse to select your image files

Click Browse to select your image files.png

You may select more than one image if you like. The maximum number of profile gallery images is 10.

View selected files

View selected files.png
  1. Selected files will appear listed below the Browse button.
  2. If you decide not to upload a given image, you can click Delete to remove a file from the list.

Upload chosen files

Upload chosen files.png

Once you have selected your file/s, click the Upload chosen files button.

Note: The combined file size of all images to upload should not exceed 20MB.

View picture gallery

View picture gallery.png

Once your images have been uploaded, they will display under "My Pictures".

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