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Select the text.

Select the text..png

In the text box, select the text you would like to serve as a link to a web site. For accessibility, you should use meaningful text to describe your link.

Note: If you do not select text, the text of the link will display in full, linked to the site.

Click the Link icon.

Click the Link Icon.png

The Link icon looks like a chain link.

Or use Ctrl/Command-L on the keyboard to open the Link dialog box.

Or use Ctrl-Command-L on the keyboard to open the Link dialog box..png

Alternatively, you can open the Link dialog box with the keyboard command Ctrl + L (in Windows) or Command + L (on a Mac).

Enter the URL.

Enter the URL..png

The Link window will pop up for you to enter the link (URL).

  1. Enter or paste (CTRL-V on PC or COMMAND-V on Mac) the URL for the web page to which you are linking in the box marked URL.
  2. Click OK to confirm the addition of the link.

Note: To link to an HTML page you have stored in Resources, see Create a link to a Resources item in a text box

View link in editor.

View link in editor..png

The linked text will be underlined.

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