Create a video using Powerpoint

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This page discusses the steps to creating a short video using Powerpoint. Note that all members of the Brock community have access to the latest version of Powerpoint, and can install them as needed on a number of devices. Instructions for doing so are available at the Brock ITS Office 365 page.

Create your slideshow

Microsoft's information about Basic tasks for creating a PowerPoint presentation is a useful starting point.

Save your presentation as a video

Record slide show.png

Note that it will first be necessary to create slides with Powerpoint

Save or Export a Powerpoint video to your computer

Save as video on Mac
Save as video on PC

Submit a video assignment (if applicable)

Select Assignments.png

Instructions are available within the Submit a Video Assignment page.

More questions about the Assignments tool?


This page is adapted from an equivalent Sakai Community help article.

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