Isaak-Sakai course sites to be deleted

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We are once again undertaking the annual process of deleting Isaak-Sakai course sites that are older than 4 years.

This process is continuing to reduce Brock’s data footprint, maintain a records management process, and decrease the resources required to operate the system. This process is also being undertaken to limit legal discovery and freedom of information searches to a reasonable and standardized period and will limit the amount of personal information that could be exposed in the event of a privacy breach.

Older Isaak-Sakai course site content can easily be copied into newer sites or exported from key tools. The CPI is ready to help instructors retrieve, export, and copy all of their data. Contact for assistance.

Which academic terms are affected?

  • Course sites created on or before the Fall and Winter 2017 academic term
  • Course sites created on or before the 2018 Spring and 2018 Summer academic terms

These courses sites will display a FW2017, 2018 Spring, or 2018 Summer property when viewed in the Site Info tool.

These are courses that might have finished as late as August of 2018.

How can I learn which of my course sites are queued for deletion?

Isaak-Sakai indexes your course sites based on the academic term that you selected when you created your site. Here are the steps to viewing a list of your sites to learn what is to be deleted:

Log into Isaak-Sakai

Note that your Brock email and password are needed for authentication.

Open the Sites area

Course sites to be deleted.png

Locate which term a course is associated with

Sites that are listed within the FW2016, 2017 Spring, or 2017 Summer sections of the Sites area are queued for deletion.

2017 spring.png
2017 Summer.png