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Visit the Assignments tool

Select Assignments.png

Select the Assignments tool from the Tools Menu in your site.

Click the Add option

Click Add.png

Click the Add button to add a new assignment.

Or Select the Edit link for the assignment you wish to edit

Select the Edit link for the assignment you want to edit.png

Connecting with Gradebook (Optional)

Assignments - Gradebook Association.png

Select "Grade this assignment" to access grading settings, including grade scale and association with Gradebook. To associate an assignment with Gradebook, select "Send grades to the Gradebook," and then select the radio button for the Gradebook option you would like to use.

  • Create a new Gradebook item: This is the default selection, which will create a new item in the Gradebook with the same name as your assignment title. This setting locks the grading into the Assignment tool. Grades only appear in Gradebook upon release in the assignment tool.
  • Associate with an existing Gradebook item: This option allows you to link your assignment to an existing Gradebook item. This is useful if you have already created items in your gradebook and you want to use one of them, rather than creating a new assignment. Note that this option will only appear if you have already created a Gradebook item that has not yet been linked to anything. You may only link an assignment to a single Gradebook item, and vice versa. This setting allows grading to occur either in Gradebook or in Assignments, and grades can be released from either tool.

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