Share Teams recordings with your students

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Teams class meetings or calls can be recorded to capture audio, video, and screen sharing activity. All recordings are automatically made available to participants for viewing from Teams, while course instructors or meeting Organizers are also able to download recordings.

An option to automatically connect recordings with your Echo360 account is available and explored in this article. Taking this step will allow you to very seamlessly embed recordings within your Sakai site.

View recordings in your Teams site

Log into Teams

Access Teams through your Internet browser, or open your Microsoft Teams desktop app. More information about how to access Teams through your Internet browser is available in the Where is Teams? page.

Click upon your class

A list of your courses will become available to you after clicking Teams. Click upon the tile associated with a course to enter its Teams space.

Click on your Teams site.png

Open the Files area

Once processing is complete, the video will become available to you and members of the Teams site via the Files area.

Open Files.png

Open Recordings and View Only

Open Recordings.png
Open View Only.png

Locate and click upon the recording

Click upon the Teams recording.png

Your recording will begin!

Watch the Teams recording.png

Share recordings from Echo360

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If you wish connect all Teams recordings from your course with Echo360, it's important to create the connection as early in the term as possible to ensure that all can be captured by the integration.

Connect your Teams site with your Echo360 account


Enter your Brock University email address

Enter your Brock email.png

Select Brock University

Select Brock University for Echo360.png

Click Submit

Click Submit for Echo360.png

Click Account Settings

After logging into your Echo360 account:

Open Account Settings.png
  1. Click the Settings (gear) icon
  2. Click Account Settings

Click OneDrive Settings

Click Onedrive Settings.png

Click Add OneDrive Subscription

Add OneDrive Subscription.png

Select a Teams site and Channel to connect

Locate and click upon a Teams site that you'd like to connect.

Select a Teams site to connect.png

Indicate a Channel to connect. In the example on this page, only the default General channel is present.

Indicate a Channel to connect.png
  1. Select a Channel to connect
  2. Click Save

Your Channel is connected!

The title of your Teams site as well as the connected Channel will be displayed.

Your Channel is connected!.png

Share recordings within Sakai

All is now prepared for you to quickly share your Teams recordings, as they become available, in strategic places within Sakai. Information about doing so is available within the Share video from Universal Capture (Echo360) page.

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