Teams Standard and Private Channels (Groups)

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Team Channels

Team channels are dedicated sections within a team to keep conversations organized by specific topics, projects, disciplines, meeting and more.

General Channel

By Default each Team site has a "General" Channel. The General Channel is the virtual space where all Team members can share files, comments, and schedule meetings. Scheduling a meeting in the General Channel sends a emailed invitation to the meeting session in which each member can RSVP. We recommend scheduling team wide meetings using the general channel.

You can create additional Channels on the team site. The steps are outlines in this resource Create Group Channels in Teams.

Channel Privacy Settings.jpg

Whether a channel is Standard or Private refers to the privacy settings when the channel is created. Once a Standard channel is made, it cannot be edited to be a Private channel or vice versa.

Standard Channels

A Standard Team channel is accessible to every member in the team site. You may consider a Standard Channel to further organize your team files and comments. For example a standard channel could be used for virtual office hours, or for FAQs purposes.

Private Channels

Private Channels have a lock Icon associated with it, and private Channels are only accessible to members in the private group. Private channels can host meetings however you cannot schedule a meeting in a private channel.

When you create the Private Channel you will also be prompted to add the email addresses of the users that should have access to the private channel.

You can edit the list of private channel members on an ongoing basis by selecting the "..." for more options, then select Manage Channel to add or remove users.

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