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Visit the Assignments tool

Select Assignments.png

Select the Assignments tool from the Tools Menu in your site.

Click the Grade link for the assignment to be graded.

Click the Grade link for the assignment to be graded..png

Click the Upload All link.

Click the Upload All link..png

Select the archive file containing grades and feedback.

Select the archive file containing grades and feedback..png

Click the Choose File button to browse for and select the archive file on your local computer. You should have downloaded this archive using the Download All link previously. See Grade Assignments Offline for more information.

Note: The archive file needs to be in a specific format. It should contain a folder for the assignment and subfolders for each of the individual students. The easiest way to ensure that your file is in the correct format is to download the assignment submissions (or the template provided) directly from the Assignments tool in your site.

Create a zip file from the extracted folder on your computer.

Create a zip file from the extracted folder on your computer..png

If you have previously extracted the zip file on your computer, and then edited or added to the assignment grades or feedback, you will need to create a new archive or zip file for upload which includes your changes.

You can create a zip file from a folder in Windows by right-clicking on the folder, and then selecting Send to and Compressed (zipped) folder. The zip file will have the same name as the folder you selected.

Tip: You can either compress/zip all existing assignment folders at once for upload, or just one assignment folder at a time.

Select the desired upload and release options.

Select the desired upload and release options..png
  1. You may choose All to select all of the upload options, or select only some of them by placing a check mark next to an individual item or items.
  2. Select the radio button to Release uploaded information to students if you want them to be able to see their grades and feedback right away. (If you would rather wait to release at a later date, select Do not release uploaded information - I'll release it later instead.)

Click Upload

Click Upload.1.png

Click the Upload button to upload your file.

View grades.

View grades..png

Once your upload is complete, you will be returned to the assignment grading screen. Notice that the grades have now been uploaded and the student submissions are marked as Returned in this example, because they have been both graded and released to students during upload.

More questions about the Assignments tool?

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