What is the Podcasts tool?

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The Podcast tool allows instructors to distribute audio, video, and PowerPoint files to their students either manually or via a RSS feed. Students that subscribe to a site’s RSS Podcast feed can have the audio, video or PowerPoint content automatically downloaded to a “podcatcher” application (such as iTunes) of their choice.

The Podcast tool is a convenient delivery mechanism for students to subscribe to a RSS feed and listen/view content on their Mobile devices.

Instructors can also edit the Podcast permissions to allow students to upload and manage podcast files.

To access this tool, select Podcasts from the Tool Menu in your site.

To access this tool, select Podcasts from the Tool Menu in your site..png

Select the Podcasts tool from the Tool Menu in your site.

Note: If the Podcasts tool is not available on your site by default, you can add it to your site under Site Info > Manage Tools. The Podcasts tool requires that the Resources tool be enabled as well.

Example of a site Podcasts page.

Example of a site Podcasts page..png

Items you may see on a Podcasts page include:

  1. RSS feed address URL Students can subscribe to site podcasts using this URL in their favourite "podcatcher" application such as iTunes.
  2. Podcasts that have been uploaded but not yet released (grayed)
  3. Available Podcasts.
  4. Students can click the Download link to download a podcast file for listening and/or viewing.

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