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Go to Podcasts.

Go to Podcasts - Sakai 20.png

Select the Podcasts tool from the Tool Menu in your site.

Click Add.

Click Add - Podcasts.png

Click Add button. This displays the Add Podcast dialog box.

Choose File.

Choose File - Add Podcast.png

Click Choose File. In the dialog box that pops up, select an audio (.mp3), video (.mp4), or PowerPoint (.ppt) file for upload.

Enter item information.

Enter item information - Add Podcast.png

Required items are marked with an asterisk (*).

  1. Enter a Publish Date/Time or click the calendar icon to use the date/time picker. The podcast will become available to students after this time.
  2. Enter a podcast Title.
  3. Enter a Description.
  4. Click Add.

View podcast.

View podcast..png

After saving, you will return to the Podcasts page with the new Podcast item listed.

Notice the Podcast Resources folder location.

Notice the Podcast Resources folder location..png

When the Podcast tool is added to the site, a "Public" Podcast folder is created in Resources automatically.

The Podcast folder created in the site Resources and all of the files uploaded are "Public" to allow users to subscribe and access the files through a podcatcher application.

More questions about the Podcasts tool?

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