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==Enabling originality checking.==
==Enabling originality checking.==
===For a new assignment===
===For a new assignment.===
====Add a new Assignment.====
====Visit the Assignments tool.====
[[File:Select Assignments.png|frame|center]]
Select the '''Assignments''' tool from the Tools Menu in your site. 
====Click the Add option.====
[[File:Click Add.png|frame|center]]
Click the '''Add''' button to add a new assignment
====Configure your assignment details and timings as appropriate.====
See [[Add an Assignment]].
====Enable the Use Turnitin option.====
====Enable the Use Turnitin option.====

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Turnitin integration with Isaak-Sakai.

Note. As noted within the Brock University Faculty Handbook, section 10.4, "students must be informed in writing a the beginning of the course" if phrase matching software such as Turnitin is to be used.

Brock instructors have the option of using Turnitin's 'originality' checking feature via an integration with Isaak-Sakai's Assignments tool. This is advantageous in that it allows originality checking to occur within Isaak-Sakai course sites and does not require instructors or students to navigate to Turnitin.com to create accounts or access services. A brief list of the distinctions between the use of Turnitin.com directly vs. integration with Turnitin within Sakai follows:

Isaak-Sakai’s Assignments tool (integration with Turnitin.com).

  • Students submit assignments for originality checking via your Sakai course site rather than the external Turnitin.com site. No new accounts will be needed.
  • Students must be directed to submit assignments via the Assignments tool that is accessible from the left toolbar on your Sakai course site (after it has been enabled by the instructor).
  • 'In-tool' grading is available within Assignments, allowing scores to be stored within your Sakai site for your reference and (if preferred) student review. It’s also possible to configure Assignments to automatically send scores to the Gradebook tool.
  • Reduced functionality; there is no option to disable student access to originality reports.

Using Turnitin.com directly.

  • Students must create accounts with Turnitin.com to submit course work for originality checking.
  • Once you add your course information to Turnitin.com, you must communicate that info to students so that they are able to join and submit.
  • If you intend to digitally grade assignments, any grading info that is added to Turnitin.com must be manually transferred to Sakai (provided you intend to store grades within Sakai).
  • Greater functionality, including the ability to choose whether or not students will be able to access originality reports.

Enabling originality checking.

For a new assignment.

Visit the Assignments tool.

Select Assignments.png

Select the Assignments tool from the Tools Menu in your site.

Click the Add option.

Click Add.png

Click the Add button to add a new assignment

Configure your assignment details and timings as appropriate.

Enable the Use Turnitin option.

Use Turnitin.png
  • Choosing the Standard Paper Repository option will allow Turnitin to retain student submissions. This is advantageous if you wish for student work to be compared to other submissions within the same class.