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Turnitin integration with Isaak-Sakai.

Note. As noted within the Brock University Faculty Handbook, section 10.4, "students must be informed in writing a the beginning of the course" if phrase matching software such as Turnitin is to be used.

Brock instructors have the option of using Turnitin's 'originality' checking feature via an integration with Isaak-Sakai's Assignments tool. This is advantageous in that it allows originality checking to occur within Isaak-Sakai course sites and does not require instructors or students to navigate to to create accounts or access services. Turnitin can also be used as a pedagogical tool to help students understand the importance and protocols for citing sources and referencing materials properly.

A brief list of the distinctions between the use of directly vs. integration with Turnitin within Sakai follows:

Isaak-Sakai’s Assignments tool (integration with

  • Students submit assignments for originality checking via your Sakai course site rather than the external site. No new accounts will be needed.
  • Students must be directed to submit assignments via the Assignments tool that is accessible from the left toolbar on your Sakai course site (after it has been enabled by the instructor).
  • 'In-tool' grading is available within Assignments, allowing scores to be stored within your Sakai site for your reference and (if preferred) student review. It’s also possible to configure Assignments to automatically send scores to the Gradebook tool.
  • There is no option to disable student access to originality reports; ensuring that students understand the content and can learn from the report that is generated.

Using directly.

  • Students must create accounts with to submit course work for originality checking.
  • Once you add your course information to, you must communicate that info to students so that they are able to join and submit.
  • If you intend to digitally grade assignments, any grading info that is added to must be manually transferred to Sakai (provided you intend to store grades within Sakai).
  • Expanded functionality, including the ability to use the grading (aka Feedback) studio and other feature inclusions and exclusions.

Enabling originality checking.

Create a new assignment using Turnitin

Visit the Assignments tool.

Select Assignments.png

Select the Assignments tool from the Tools Menu in your site.

Click the Add option.

Click Add.png

Click the Add button to add a new assignment

Configure your assignment details and timings as appropriate.

See page Add an Assignment

Enable the Use Turnitin option.

Use Turnitin.png
  • Choosing Standard Paper Repository or None: Choosing Standard Paper Repository means that Turnitin retains a copy of the paper indefinitely and it becomes part of the originality checks for all other Turnitin users across the platform (not Brock specific). This can have implications for Intellectual Property (in the case of grad students should be used with caution); challenges if Resubmissions are enabled in an Assignment; and challenges with high similarity reports if the submissions all engage with the same topic. If Turnitin is being used pedagogically to teach students about proper citation formats and the importance of originality, Resubmission is enabled or students are all writing on one topic, the setting "None" should be selected. However, Standard Paper Repository will ensure that all papers submitted will be compared to other submissions within the same class.
  • Turnitin reports are based on attachments (see list of acceptable attachments below) and textbox submission types.

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