Add a Web Content link to a folder in Resources

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Instructors can use the Web Content tool to link to a folder or a file in Resources and have the link listed in the site menu. Any changes to the Resources folder or file will be reflected in the Web Content link.

Go to Resources.

Resources menu.png

Click Actions > Make Web Content Link.

Web content in resources1.png

Find the folder you want to link to, then:

  1. Click the Actions button drop-down arrow to the right of the folder.
  2. Select Make Web Content Link.

Enter a Title and click Add.

Title and add.png
  1. Enter a Title for your web content link. This is the title that will appear listed in the Tool Menu of your site.
  2. Click the Add button to add the link to your site menu.

Click the new tool button to access the contents of the folder.

New tool button.png

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