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==Select '''Edit Class Rosters'''==
==Select '''Edit Class Rosters'''==
[[File:Select Edit Class Rosters.png|frame|center]]
[[File:Select Edit Class Rosters - Sakai 20.png|frame|center]]
==Select the '''Add Roster(s)''' link==
==Select the '''Add Roster(s)''' link==

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Note: Permissions for adding or deleting rosters in a given site may vary depending on your system's institutional enrollment implementation. In most cases, adding rosters by class or section is subject to automated roster updates.

Go to Site Info

Go to Site Info.png

Select the Site Info tool from the Tool Menu of your site.

Select Edit Class Rosters

Select Edit Class Rosters - Sakai 20.png

Select the Add Roster(s) link

Select the Add Roster(s) link.png

Select the term and class(es)

Select the term and class(es).png

From the Academic Term drop-down menu, select the appropriate academic term.

If you are listed as the instructor of record for certain courses in your course catalog, those courses and their sections will be listed. Check the box next to the roster you want to include.

Or, select to add courses not listed above

Or, select to add courses not listed above.png

Click the link to Add course(s) and/or section(s) not listed above...

Click the link to Add course(s) and-or section(s) not listed above....png
  1. Select the Subject.
  2. Select the Course.
  3. Select the Section.
  4. If you are not listed as the instructor of record for a course, enter the instructor's username. An email message requesting the instructor's authorization for the site will be sent.
  5. You have the option of adding any information that may facilitate the authorization of your site request.
  6. Click Continue to add the roster.

Tip: If you have more rosters to add, click on the Save and add another section link to add additional sections.

Select Add Class(es)

Select Add Class(es).png

Review your request and select the Add Class(es) button.

More questions about the Site Info tool?

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This page is adapted from an equivalent Sakai Community help article.

The original Sakai Community help article, unedited, is available at https://sakai.screenstepslive.com/s/sakai_help