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[[Category:Web Content]]
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{{Template:Web Content}}

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Create a Microsoft Teams Site for you course at the ITS Self-Serve for Teams Site Creation. See the following documentation on how to create a Team for more information about this process.

Adding a link to your course's Teams space within Sakai allows students unfamiliar with Teams to have an opportunity for easier discovery.

Navigate to the Desktop Application for Microsoft Teams to get your Unique URL

  1. Choose your Microsoft Team site in the desktop application to get the unique URL for your Team
  2. Click on the ellipses to open the menu
  3. Select Get link to team
  4. Copy the unique URL for your Team site

Navigate to Your Course Site Within Sakai and Open Site Info

Open Site Info.png

Click Manage Tools

Click Manage Tools.png

Enable Web Content

Select the Web Content tool.

Click Web Content.png

Then click Continue.

Then Continue.png

Configure your link to display Teams

Web Content Link Configuration.png
  1. Within the Title field, add Teams
  2. Within Source, paste the unique URL you have copied above starting with teams.microsoft.com/
  3. Click Continue
  4. Click Finish

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