Add a member to a Teams site

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Please note that TAs are not included in the student roster and will need to be added manually.

Log into Teams

More information is available in the Where is Teams? page.

Click upon Teams

Teams icon.png

Now that you've logged into Teams, you will need to click the Teams menu button along the left hand side of the tool (not to be confused with the software named Teams). Your various class Teams sites will appear here in squares labelled with the course code.

Click on the Team

Click on the team.png

Click on the Team that you want to add a member to.

Click on Add Member

Click on Add Member.png

Click on the ellipsis (...) beside the name of the Team on the left hand side and in the dropdown menu that opens select Add Member.

Click on either the Student or Teacher tab

Click on Teacher tab.png

If you want to add a TA to your Teams site click on the Teacher tab.

Click on Student tab.png

If you want to add a student to your Teams site click on the Student tab. Note: if you have provisioned the Teams site through the Self-Service Request Tool your roster of students will already be attached to your site.

Search for the Name or Email of the Member you want to add

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