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Go to the Announcements tool.

Go to the Announcements tool..png

Select the Announcements tool from the Tool Menu of your site.

Click Add.

Click Add.1.png

Title your announcement and add content.

Title your announcement and add content..png

Give your announcement a title, and then enter the content of the announcement into the Rich Text Editor. You may use the formatting options in the editor to modify the font size or color, add images or links, or embed other content.

Determine who can view the announcement.

Determine who can view the announcement..png

By default, all people enrolled in this site see the announcement.

Making the announcement publicly viewable means that you can send a link to the announcement to people outside the course, even outside your instance of Sakai, and the announcement will be viewable by them.

Post announcement to group(s). (Optional)

Post announcement to group(s). (Optional).png

If you have created groups in your course, the option to display to groups is shown. Select the group(s) you want to see the announcement. Only the people in the selected group will see this announcement.

Select when the announcement will be displayed.

Select when the announcement will be displayed..png

By default, the announcement is displayed immediately upon posting. You can also choose to Hide it (saving as a draft until you are ready to post it), or you may Specify Dates when the announcement will be available.

Select availability dates. (Optional)