Add an Assignment

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Visit the Assignments tool.

Select Assignments.png

Select the Assignments tool from the Tools Menu in your site.

Click the Add option.

Click Add.png

Click the Add button to add a new assignment.

Give your assignment a title

Give your assignment a title.png

The title of your assignment should be something descriptive and unique, as this is the title students will see when they go to the Assignments tool to submit their work.

Add assignment instructions

Add assignment instructions.png

Enter the instructions for the assignment into the Rich Text Editor. You may use the editor to format your assignment description, and add images, links, or other media if desired.

Add Integrity Pledge (Optional)

Add Integrity Pledge.jpg

When the Integrity Pledge option is selected, students must indicate acceptance of the Integrity Pledge before submitting their assignment:

''Integrity Pledge: I understand that Studying with Integrity means completing my own work and taking responsibility for demonstrating what I have learned. This includes citing the work and ideas of others appropriately, participating actively in group work situations, asking questions to gain clarification if I am unsure, and managing my time so that I can complete my best work.