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==Click '''Add Content'''==
==Click '''Add Content'''==
[[File:Add content add text.png|frame|center]]
Click '''Add Content''' and then '''Add Text'''.

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Go to Lessons

Go to Lessons.png

Select the Lessons tool from the Tool Menu of your site.

Note: Be aware that your instructor may have named Lessons something else in your course, or there may be more than one Lessons item in the menu. Check with your instructor if you are not sure where to go to access the course lessons and/or content pages.

Click Add Your Own Page

Click Add Your Own Page.png

Once you have located the Student Pages section in the course content, click the Add Your Own Page link.

View blank page

View blank page.png

When you view a blank page, some getting started information will display by default.

Click Add Content

Add content add text.png

Click Add Content and then Add Text.