Archiving and Restoring Course Teams Sites

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Archiving Teams Course sites

Archiving Teams course sites happens automatically at the end of the Term.

Instructors will continue to have access to course delivery materials in their course Teams sites from MS Teams, but will experience the site going into archival mode 15 days after the course has completed. After 30 days, students will be removed from an archived Teams site.

Instructors interested in extending the default archival and expiry dates of the course ‘teams’ sites can request a change by emailing the Centre for Pedagogical Innovation at

General information about the archiving process

Restoring Teams course sites from being archived

Click on the teams icon from the left menu

Teams Teams icon.jpg

Click on the settings (gear) icon (top right corner)

Teams Settings gear.jpg

Click on "Manage Teams"

Teams Settings manage teams.jpg

Click on "Archived Teams"

Teams archived.jpg

Click on "Restore Team"

Teams Restore team from archive.jpg

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