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The Assign TAs tool is one of the ways to assist in setting up grading permissions and workflows if you have TAs assigned to your course. Assign TAs can help set many permissions but permissions require further attention in specific tools.

Assign TAs can work with the roster by identifying specific seminars associated with the class or it can connect a TA to the whole class.

If you want TAs to mark in Tests and Quizzes you must enable this tool and grant TAs access to some part of the class.

Assign TAs to the course

Assigning TAs to the -LEC, -BLD, -WWW section will grant the TA access to grading and viewing all students in the course. This can be beneficial when marking Tests and Quizzes on a question by question basis in Tests and Quizzes, or so that assignments can be randomized for grading or if forums are posted as anonymous in the course.

Select "Assign TAs" in the appropriate section.

Assign TAs course info2.jpg

Select and Move one or more TAs over to the right-hand box and save by clicking on "Assign TAs" at the bottom of the page

Assign TAs move TA.jpg

TAs can also be assigned to specific groups, including official rosters for seminar or tutorials or instructor generated sections following the same move to the right side box for each seminar (see image above).

Assign TAs seminars.jpg

  • Note that Permissions in Assignments might need further attention through the "Permissions" tab at the top of the page. The standard for ensuring TAs have grading permissions is to select: "Submit to Assignment", "Read Assignment(s)", "Grade Assignment submission(s)", and "Same site level permissions for all groups inside the site".

Assign TA Assignments permissions.jpg

  • Note that Assign TAs cannot be connected to Groups made through the Site Info tool. Creating a section in Assign TAs through the "Add Sections" tab can link a TA to an instructor created section. Assignments, Tests and Quizzes, and Forums can be set to instructor created sections.