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The Rubrics tool

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Rubrics can be a tool to assist with and help with consistency in grading and providing feedback for students, but there are some pedagogical and technical issues to keep in mind when creating and using Rubrics.

Rubrics can be enabled in the Assignments, Forums, Lessons, and Tests and Quizzes tool (for short answer and essay questions).

>> Rubrics can be attached to an assessment in Assignments, Forums, Lessons or Tests and Quizzes but they can also be attached to Gradebook.  We would recommend choosing either the tool or Gradebook but not attaching the same rubric to both.  
>> If an assessment or assignment uses a rubric, the assessment must be marked with that rubric, meaning that grades will automatically be populated in the grade field when selections are made within the rubric.  See also Grade a forum topic using a rubric or Grade an assignment using a rubric.  
>> Rubrics as a tool is not visible to students, so there is no need to make the tool 'invisible' through Site Info > Tool Order.
>> When choosing to share a rubric, note that it is shared across the university and cannot be modified once it is shared.  
>> Rubrics will not be released to students until grades are released to students: 

Release Assignment Grades

Grading and Feedback options for an assessment (i.e. test or quiz)

Grade a forum topic using a rubric

    • Note that grades in Gradebook need to be released in Gradebook to be visible to students in the Gradebook tool.
>> Special Permissions need to be set in Assignments so that a TA can grade using rubrics.  

Visit the Assignments tool

Select Assignments.png

Select the Assignments tool from the Tools Menu in your site.

Click the Permissions option

Assign Permissions.jpg

Ensure that "Submit to Assignment(s) is selected in the TA column.

Assign Permissions Rubrics.jpg

More questions about the Rubrics tool?


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