Best practices for taking a Test or Quiz in Sakai

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Students: When accessing the Tests and Quizzes Tool:

Tests and Quizzes select

Follow these Best Practices

For the best and most consistent experience of taking a test the following are recommended:

  1. Google Chrome or Firefox are our strong recommendations for choices of web browsers to take the quiz. Internet Edge or Explorer will cause issues with saving and submitting. Safari can have issues with images, attachments and video.
  2. Open a new session of Sakai. Do not use sessions that you opened previously during the day. Sessions have timeouts built into them and can have issues with accurate refreshing of content. The best practice is to open a private or incognito session so that there are no issues with saved browsing histories or caches.
  3. Only have one tab open of Sakai. Multiple tabs means that saving is not consistent.
  4. Take the quiz on a desktop or laptop computer. Sakai experiences on mobile devices are less consistent and effective.
  5. Save your quiz frequently but do not select “Submit” until you are satisfied with the quiz as it stands. You can save multiple times but you can only submit once. Saving means if you experience an internet interruption the chances of you being able to log in and continue with the test are higher.
  6. Set aside time to go into the test and complete it as your only task. Multitasking can lead to issues arising with the proper submission of Sakai quizzes because timeouts can occur without warning.
  7. If a test is set for a window of time (e.g. 1 hour time limit) and students have from 7am until 5pm one day to take the test, starting the test at 4:30 means you will only have 30 minutes for the test. Due dates always overrule time limits.
  8. Do not use a web browser "Back" button. Instead, always navigate a test with the Next and Previous buttons and if available "Table of Contents" tab available in Sakai.