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[[File:Click Manage Tools.1.png|frame|center]]
[[File:Click Manage Tools.1.png|frame|center]]
==Open '''External Tools'''==
==Select '''Course Experience Survey'''==
[[File:Click External Tools.jpg|frame|center]]
[[File:Enable the Course Experience Survey.jpg|frame|center]]
==Select '''Course Evaluation / Course Experience Survey'''==
Click to enable the checkbox related to '''Course Experience Survey'''
[[File:Select Course Evaluation.png|frame|center]]
Expand the '''External Tools''' menu and click on the checkbox next to the tool called '''eXplorance Blue: Course Evaluation. Some courses use online course evaluations.'''
==Click '''Continue'''.==
==Click '''Continue'''.==

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Go to Site Info

Go to Site Info.png

Select the Site Info tool from the Tool Menu of your site.

Select Manage Tools

Click Manage Tools.1.png

Select Course Experience Survey

Enable the Course Experience Survey.jpg

Click to enable the checkbox related to Course Experience Survey

Click Continue.

Select Continue - Red.png

Once you have selected the tools, scroll down and click Continue.

Confirm tool selection

Select Finish - Red.png

You will be direct to a confirmation page which displays all of the tools you have selected to add to your site. The new tools added will be highlighted. Click Finish to confirm that you want to add the eXplorance Blue: Course Evaluation tool to your site.

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