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This allows for individual questions from a particular Question Pool to be copied and added to a new or existing assessment.

Note: Questions copied from a pool are presented in the order listed in the assessment. To deliver questions randomly from a pool, see Set up a random question set.

Go to Tests & Quizzes.

Test and quizzes.png

Select the Tests & Quizzes tool from the Tool Menu in your site.

Select an assessment.

A question copied from a question pool may be added to any assessment. Select an existing assessment or create a new one to add questions.

Create a New Assessment.

Click Add.

Add test.png
Create from scratch.png

For more information on creating new assessments, see Create an assessment in Tests and Quizzes.

Or edit an existing assessment.

Edit an existing assessment.png

Select Copy from Question Pool from the drop-down menu.

Select Copy from Question Pool from the drop-down menu..png

Select a question pool.

Select a question pool..png

Select a question pool from the list.

Select the question/s.

Select the question-s..png

Check the corresponding box for the question/s you would like to copy.

Click Copy.

1Click Copy..png

Scroll down to the bottom of the question list and click the Copy button.

Note: Optionally, you may use the drop-down menu to assign the question to part of the assessment. Part 1 is the default portion.

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