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The December 2020 update to MS Teams brings innate support for breakout rooms in meetings, without the need for the channel creation outlined below. Please update your copy of MS Teams and consider using this new feature before following the approach described below. Microsoft's Teams Blog has more information.

Log into Teams

More information is available in the Where is Teams? page.

Click upon Teams

Teams icon.png

Now that you've logged into Teams, you will need to click the Teams menu button along the left hand side of the tool (not to be confused with the software named Teams). Your various class Teams sites will appear here in squares labelled with the course code.

Click on the Team

Click on the team.png

Click on the Team that you want to create breakout rooms for.

Add Breakout Room Channels

Add channels.png
  1. Click on the ellipsis (...) beside the name of the Team on the left hand side of your screen.
  2. From the drop down menu select Add Channel

Name the Channels

Name the channels.png

Enter the channel name (for this example we'll call it Breakout Room 1) and make sure the Privacy setting is set to Standard, then select Add.

Repeat this process to add additional Channels

Repeat this process for adding channels.png

Repeat the above 2 steps for as many breakout rooms as you need. You will notice as you add breakout room channels they appear on the left hand side of your Teams site under the General Channel. Once you have created the number of breakout room channels that you desire you are ready to use them in a Teams call.

Using Breakout Room Channels in a Teams call

Using breakout room channels in a call.png

When you are in a Teams call that you want to use your breakout rooms for, follow these steps:

  • Orally assign students to each of the breakout rooms
  • Tell students not to leave the main call that you are currently in but instead join the breakout room call which will automatically put the main call On Hold (see above image)

Starting a Meeting in the Breakout Room

Start a meeting in a breakout room.png
  • For both students and instructors to join breakout room calls click on the breakout room channel in your Team, the first person that arrives in the breakout room channel will have to start the call by selecting Meet in the top right hand corner of the channel.

Joining a Meeting in the Breakout Room

Join a breakout room.png
  • Others that follow will be able to select the purple Join button in the Chat section of the breakout room channel.

Rejoining Everyone in the Main Call

Select the leave button.png
Click on resume.png
  • When it is time for students to come back to the main call the instructor can write in the chat for each of the breakout rooms letting them know that time is up (alternatively, you could give students a set time to meet back in the main call). Students should Leave this call in the breakout room (red hang up button) and re-join the main call by clicking on the call window and selecting Resume at the top of the screen.

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