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Using Channels in a Team

Channels are spaces that can be defined outside the 'General' channel. They can be used for group work, topic specific discussions, office hours, weekly meetings or otherwise collaborative spaces. You can set up the channels to be Standard or Private. More information on the different types of channels: Standard vs. Private Channels or through the Microsoft documentation: Standard vs. Private Channels.

Log into Teams

More information is available in the Where is Teams? page.

Click on the Teams icon on the left menu

Teams icon.png

Now that you've logged into Teams, you will need to click the Teams menu button along the left-hand side of the tool (not to be confused with the software named Teams). Your various class Teams sites will appear here in squares labelled with the course code.

Click on the Team

Click on the team.png

Click on the Team where you want to create Channels. If you do not find a screen with a set of blocks representing different Teams you are a part of, you are likely already in a specific Team. At the top left of the screen find the "All Teams" link and click to return to the space where all of your teams are listed.

Add Channels

Add channels.png
  1. Click on the ellipsis (...) beside the name of the Team on the left-hand side of your screen.
  2. From the drop-down menu select Add Channel

Name the Channels

Teams Addchannel dialoguebox.jpg

Enter the channel (Group) name. Noting that there is a privacy box at the bottom. More information on the privacy setting can be found here: Teams Standard and Private Channels (Groups).

Repeat this process to add additional Channels

Repeat this process for adding channels.png

Repeat the above 2 steps for as many breakout rooms as you need. You will notice as you add channels they appear on the left hand side of your Teams site under the General Channel. Once you have created the number of channels that you desire you are ready to use them in a Teams call.

Channel options

Starting an Unscheduled Meeting in a Channel

Start a meeting in a breakout room.png
  • For both students and instructors to join group channel calls click on the breakout room channel in your Team, the first person that arrives in the breakout room channel will have to start the call by expanding the ```Meet``` button and selecting Meet Now in the top right-hand corner of the channel.

Joining a Meeting in a Channel

Join a breakout room.png
  • Others that follow will be able to select the purple Join button in the Chat section of the breakout room channel.

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