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Microsoft Teams sites can be requested by course instructors as listed by the Registrar (or Instructor of Record). Though instructors are able to create Teams sites without the process described on this page, these steps will allow a roster of students for your course to be automatically maintained for you in a Teams site.

Before your begin you must ensure that your department has listed you as the course instructor at Registrar Timetables

Access the Self-Service Request Tool

Information Technology Services has created a self-service request tool for instructors to request Microsoft Teams sites at their convenience. The tool can be accessed via the ITS Training and Support Centre

Add Course Section

Choose the Add Course Sections button to begin the Teams site request process.


Choose your Course Section

Using the drop down menus, select Academic Year/Session, Course Subject, Course Number, and Section. Each option will appear once a preceding option is selected.


Note that only single course sections (LEC 1, SEM 1, etc) can be connected with a single Teams site. For Teams sites which include combined course sections, please email

Click Include

Click Include to initiate the creation of your course's Teams site. This process can take up to 24 hours to complete. Once completed, you will receive an email from Microsoft outlining next steps.


If you have already included the course in question you will be instead shown an Exclude button. You can click exclude to instead remove the course from provisioning and delete the created Teams site.

Log into Teams

Once your course's Teams site has been created, you will be able to access it at More information is available in the Where is Teams? page.

Click upon Teams

New Teams Icon.png

Now that you've logged into Teams, you will need to click the Teams menu button along the left hand side of the tool (not to be confused with the software named Teams). Your newly created Teams site will appear here in a square labelled with the name of the student roster you have requested. Please note that TAs are not included in the student roster and will need to be added manually.

Activate Teams site

Activate Button.png

Although your teams site has been created and includes the student roster, it will not yet be visible to students. When you are ready to make the Teams site visible to the class, select the "Activate" button that appears at the top of your Teams window.

Archiving Teams sites

The site will go into archival mode 15 days after the completion of the course and can then be found in the lower portion of the Manage teams area, labelled as Archived.

Students will lose access 30 days after the completion of the course.

Instructors will continue to have access to the course and have the ability to recover the team from the archived state.

More information on archiving Teams sites Archiving and Restoring Course Teams Sites

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