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[[File:The Sites menu.png|frame|center]]
[[File:The Sites menu.png|frame|center]]
==Click '''Create New Site'''==
[[File:Create New Site.png|frame|center]]

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This page discusses the steps to creating a new Sakai site to support a future or current course.

Please note:

  • Most members of Brock faculty or staff are able to create sites on demand, though only instructors of courses are able to include student rosters
  • Information about creating course sites without including students is available at x
  • Sakai receives course and enrollment updates several times daily from Brock's central records. The most up-to-date course information is normally available from Brock's course Timetables

Open the Sites menu

The Sites menu.png

Click Create New Site

Create New Site.png

More questions about the Sites menu?