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[[Category:Sakai 12]]

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This page discusses the steps to creating a new Sakai site to support a future or current course.

Please note:

  • Most members of Brock faculty or staff are able to create sites on demand, though only instructors of courses are able to include student rosters
  • Information about creating course sites without including students is available at x
  • Sakai receives course and enrollment updates several times daily from Brock's central records. The most up-to-date course information is normally available from Brock's course Timetables

Open the Sites menu

The Sites menu.png

Click Create New Site

Create New Site.png

Select a site type and Academic term

Create Site.png
  1. select course site
  2. select the Academic term during which your course will be delivered
  3. click Continue

Choose course sections to be included

Please note: it is strongly recommended that you consider adding only sections of the same course during this step!

Course-section Information.png
  1. Check boxes associated with a section or sections that you wish to add to the new site
  2. Click Continue

Add information about the site

Course SIte Information.png

Though not required, the following steps are recommended at this stage:

  1. Edit the site title contain any additional information that might be useful to you and your students. This might include information about the year or the name of the instructor
  2. Add a Description of the course. Note that this information can be edited afterwards
  3. Confirm that Site Contact Name and Site Contact Email are correct
  4. Click Continue

select Tools and whether to Re-use Material

Course Site Tools.png

Select Tools that you wish to enable immediately within your new course site. Note that it will be possible add or remove tools at any time after the site's creation, as well.

As well, determine whether to Re-use or copy content from a previously used site as part of the new site's creation. This stage can also be performed at any time after the site's creation.

Click Continue to proceed.

Choose whether to Publish or Leave as Draft

Course site access.png

Published sites will immediately become available to students that have been included in the site. Draft sites are visible to the Instructor and Teaching Assistants only.

Click Continue to proceed.

Confirm and Create Site

Confirm that the information presented on the page is correct. Click Create Site to complete these steps.

Finish Create Site.png

More questions about the Sites menu?