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==Schedule the Meeting==
==Schedule the Meeting==
[[File:Meet-Schedule Meeting.png|frame|center]]
[[File:Meet-Schedule Meeting.png|frame|center]]
In the upper right corner, expand the '''Meet''' button by clicker the chevron and select '''Schedule a meeting'''  
In the upper right corner, expand the '''Meet''' button by clicking the chevron and select '''Schedule a meeting'''  
===Configure the meeting===
===Configure the meeting===

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Log into Teams

More information is available in the Where is Teams? page.

Click upon Teams

New Teams Icon.png

Now that you've logged into Teams, you will need to click the Teams menu button along the left-hand side of the tool (not to be confused with the software named Teams). Your various class Teams sites will appear here in squares labelled with the course code.

Click on the Team

Click on the team.png

Click on the Team that you want to schedule a recurring meeting in.

Schedule the Meeting

Meet-Schedule Meeting.png

In the upper right corner, expand the Meet button by clicking the chevron and select Schedule a meeting

Configure the meeting

Teams meeting options-AtoD.png

When the New Meeting window opens, fill in the following fields:

  1. Add a Title
  2. Set the correct date and time for the first occurrence
  3. Change the Repeat box to repeats Custom
  4. In the Custom recurrence area
    1. Set the Repeat every to 1 week (or as appropriate)
    2. Set the End to the last date of class
  5. Confirm that the meeting is associated with the current class Team’s General channel (or other channel as appropriate)

Click on Send

Click send.png

Once all details are added click Send at the upper-right

Additional Steps

This process can be repeated for other channels.

Instructors may need to enter the Calendar on the left-hand and navigate to and delete single meeting occurrences that are repeating on holidays or during other conflicts.

Joining a Meeting

Students and Instructors can join the Scheduled meeting in the MS Teams Calendar or the Teams channel itself. Watch for the Calendar icon to signify that you are joining the scheduled meeting, not joining or creating an ad-hoc channel meeting (which is a common source of confusion).

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