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This page discusses the steps to create a short video using Powerpoint. Note that all members of the Brock community have access to the latest version of Powerpoint, and can install them as needed on a number of devices. Instructions for doing so are available at the Brock ITS Office 365 page.

Quick Summary

  • Create your presentation
  • With your microphone and optional webcam ready, choose to "Record Slide Show" and create your presentation
  • Save As/Export your video as a movie - this export will take longer than simply saving the presentation.
  • Add the resulting file wherever you can add text in Sakai with the blue Echo360 button.

The guides below suggest you "Publish", stop at this point. Instead, Save As/Export as a video is preferred because the outcome is a video file on your device you can upload.

Record and Save your presentation as a video

Note that it will first be necessary to create slides with Powerpoint

The Save As/Export process is different on Mac and PC

Record slide show.png

Save or Export a Powerpoint video to your computer

Videos saved using an MP4 format are preferred.

Save as video on Mac
Save as video on Windows PC

Uploading the Video to Sakai/Echo360

There are many locations where video can be added through Echo360. Wherever there is the ability to add text, you can add your PowerPoint video.

Clicking the Embed Echo360 Media button within the text editor's options will allow you to begin uploading your video.

Click echo360 button.png

Specific locations

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