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About Universal Capture

Universal Capture is a lightweight software application provided by Echo360. It can be used to create instructional video that is afterwards shareable via Sakai, other places on the web, or communication tools like email. Video that is created with Universal Capture will automatically become connected to your Echo360 account and will sharable in many ways.

After downloading Universal Capture, instructors are able to record the contents of their screen (such as content prepared in Powerpoint) while providing narration over a microphone. It is also possible to include video of the instructor while she/he is speaking as component of the video.

Log in with Brock credentials

After opening Universal Capture, click upon Click here to login.

Click here to log into Universal Capture.png

Enter your Brock email address

Enter brock email.png

Select Brock University

Select Brock University.png

Create video

Some quick steps are available at Echo360 Universal Capture

A more thorough description of Universal Capture is available at Universal Capture Demo

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