Crowdmark Grades

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Crowdmark is a tool that has been integrated into Sakai to add a digital workflow to hand-written assignments, but currently is only integrated for syncing enrollments. Grades have to be handled manually.

Assignment Grades

Once released, students can access their grades in Crowdmark. Students are sent an E-Mail notifying them of the release of grades.

Crowdmark offers a number of ways for students and instructors to retain their submitted work and feedback.

Bringing Assignment Grades Back To Sakai

Unfortunately, Crowdmark does not support a direct method to return assignment grades to Sakai. It is hoped that features available with Crowdmarks integration with other LMSs can be brought to Sakai soon. The CSV export can be adapted to import into Sakai, and with additional information, the Faculty Gradebook, but as this task is complex the CPI has developed the following tool to automate the translation.

CPI's Crowedmark to Sakai conversion tool

CPI's Crowdmark export to Sakai Gradebook import can be found at

Steps to convert Crowdmark exported grades for Sakai

  1. Exported grades will arrive from Crowdmark as a CSV file. Save this file somewhere you can locate it on your device.
  2. Provide CPI's Crowdmark export to Sakai Gradebook tool with the following information:
    • The assignment name
    • The total (maximum) score for the assignment
    • The exported CSV file
  3. Press Create CSV for Sakai
  4. A new CSV file with the Assignment name will be created. Save this file somewhere you can locate it on your device.
  5. Use this new CSV file to Import grades into Gradebook

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