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This outlines the process of contacting an author of a Forum post by email. Typically, the email option is only available for instructors or site owners.

Note: This email reply option sends a message to the author's external email address. It does not use the internal Messages tool to send the message.

Go to Forums

Go to Forums.png

Select the Forums tool from Tool Menu in your site.

Choose a Forum

Choose a Forum.png

This is an example of a Forum, bolded and in the largest comparative font.

Click View Full Description to view more information about the Forum.

Select the Topic within the Forum

Select the Topic within the Forum.png

This is an example of a Topic. Select the Topic to view messages posted to that topic.

Select the Conversation

Select the Conversation.png

Select a conversation, or thread by clicking on the subject of the post.

Click Email

Click Email.png

Click Email below the author's name in order to email the forum post author.

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