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Visit the Assignments tool

Select Assignments.png

Select the Assignments tool from the Tools Menu in your site.

Click Add to create a new assignment

Click Add to create a new assignment.png

More information about configuring a new assignment is available within the Add an Assignment page.

Or click Edit to edit a draft assignment

Or click Edit to edit a draft assignment.png

Note: You can only select the group submission option for a new or draft assignment. Once the assignment has been posted for students, you cannot change this setting.

Select Group Submission - One submission per group

Select Group Submission - One submission per group.png

If you select the radio button for Group Submission - One submission per group, it will allow any member of a group to submit an assignment on behalf of the other members of the group. By default, the same grade is applied to all group members when the item is graded. However, the instructor can also override the group grade for any individual member of the group.

Display to Groups

You must choose all of the groups the assignment relates to by scrolling up to the "Access" area and selecting at least one group to connect to the assignment.

Assign Display to groups.jpg

Note: You must have existing groups in your site in order for the group option to appear. See Create groups. Connecting a group to an assignment locks the group and it cannot be edited without retracting the assignment.

Click Post

Click Post.png

Click Post to save your changes.

More questions about the Assignments tool?

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This page is adapted from an equivalent Sakai Community help article.

The original Sakai Community help article, unedited, is available at https://sakai.screenstepslive.com/s/sakai_help