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Click here for more">
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===Where can I get technical help?===
===Where can I get help?===
<div class="mw-collapsible-content">Support for Sakai is available online or on campus with the [https://brocku.ca/information-technology/about-its/contact-us/ Help Desk].  
<div class="mw-collapsible-content">Support for Sakai is available online or on campus with the [https://brocku.ca/information-technology/about-its/contact-us/ Help Desk].  

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Welcome to Sakai!

Sakai (sometimes called 'Isaak-Sakai' or 'Isaak') is Brock University's Learning Management System. Sakai can be used in many ways by educators, though here are a few ideas:

  • Quickly create a common space to which all students in your course have online access​
  • Digitally share or collect learning content​ in the context of your course
  • Facilitate interaction among students​
  • Deliver course content in an online format
  • Share instructional videos

The 60-minute video displayed below is intended for instructors and other educators that freshly learning to use Sakai for teaching.

FAQs about getting started as an Instructor

How can I find Sakai?

Sakai is available directly at https://lms.brocku.ca/portal.

It can also be located from most Brock University webpages:

  1. visit any brocku.ca webpage
  2. open Menu
  3. click Isaak/Sakai
Brocku.ca to Sakai.png

How can I log into Sakai?

After visiting https://lms.brocku.ca/portal/, click Brock Login.

Brock Login.jpg

If you haven't logged into Sakai in a little while, you'll be directed to a Microsoft-hosted login page. Enter your Brock email and click Next.

Microsoft Sign-In for Instructor.jpg

You'll be directed to Brock's login page. Enter your full Brock email and password and click Sign in.

Brock Sign-In for Instructor.jpg

Lastly, you'll be prompted to approve your login using your chosen authenticator method. Visit Brock University's Multi-Factor Authentication page for more information about setting up authentication.

Brocku MFA.jpg

How can I find my courses?

Courses that you deliver as an instructor or co-instructor, or courses in which you possess a different role will appear within your navigation near the top of any page in Sakai. Clicking upon a course title will allow you visit that course's space in Sakai.

Sakai top navigation.jpg

A full list of your courses in Sakai from the current and previous terms is available to you from the Sites Icon.jpg area. After opening Sites Icon.jpg, click upon a course to enter its Sakai site.

Sites to SitesList.jpg

One of my courses is not available in Sakai. Is something wrong?

Probably not!
  • If the class has just begun, give it a few days. Many course instructors choose to open their Sakai sites to students on or near the first day of classes.
  • If you've just registered for a course, it can sometimes take up to one day for the course's Sakai site to appear for you.
  • Steps in How can I find my courses? above might help you locate a missing course.

How can I change my favourited courses?

Favourited or pinned courses will always be shown to you in your top navigation from any Sakai page and will possess a yellow Star icon.jpg next to their title. Updating your favourited courses once in a while or at the start of new terms can be handy, as it keeps your Sakai experience fresh.

Favourited and not favourited.jpg

To update your favourited courses, try these steps:

Favouriting a course.jpg
  1. Open the Sites Icon.jpg menu
  2. Find a course that is not yet favourited
  3. Click upon the star icon
  4. The course will now appear in your top navigation on any page in Sakai

Where can I get help?

Support for Sakai is available online or on campus with the Help Desk.

Questions about enrollment or registration in your courses can be best supported by Brock Central.