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Team Meeting Attendance

During scheduled and unscheduled meeting sessions, Teams gathers a thorough report of the attendees entry and exit time from the meeting, in addition to timing the length of the meeting session.

Only the organizer of the meeting will have access to view the details in the attendance report.

The attendance is accessible in the meeting chat, and in the meeting details.

Accessing the Attendance report from the Meeting Chat


The organizer of the meeting can to retrieve the attendance report from the meeting chat while the meeting is running. Go to the participants icon, select the "..." for more options,, then select download participant list.

Accessing the Attendance Report from the Calendar

The meeting organizer can retrieve the attendance report indefinitely by selecting the meeting block in their calendar. In the meeting details they can download the Attendance report.

Attendance in meeting details.jpg

The simpler version of the Attendance Report can be reviewed in the Attendance Tab in the meeting details.

Attendance in meeting details.2.jpg

The attendance tab shows the highlights and average duration of time the attendees spent in the meeting. The attendance tab is a great feature to get a glance at the average duration and names of all meeting attendees (except for Meeting guests) without downloading the attendance file to your computer.

Retrieve the Attendance Report From the Team Site

If the meeting was scheduled in a team site you can also retrieve the attendance report from the "Posts" page on the General Channel.

Download attendance postpage.jpg

Guests are recorded on the Attendance Report

Teams will keep a record of official members on the team site coming from a verified BrockU email address in the attendance report. Guest entry and exit times will be recorded, however their email address will not.

If the Teams attendance report is the official way attendance is being recorded for a course, then it is beneficial that students are joining the meeting after they have successfully logged into teams. If they are joining as guests (i.e. they need to be admitted to the meeting session) they will be recorded on the attendance report as guests, and thus their brock email, and ID will not be included.

Known limitations

For more information on the attendance reports and known limitations please visit Microsoft Support site

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