Grading in Sakai

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Grading permissions can be set in Sakai for TAs with the Assign TAs tool or permissions can be set within each individual tool.

Grading in Assignments

Grading in Tests and Quizzes

Grading in Forums

Grading in Lessons

Entering Grades in Gradebook

Anyone in the Teaching Assistant role can enter and edit grades for gradebook items that Instructors have created.

Assign TAs

The Assign TAs tool is helpful in setting permissions for grading. If you want TAs grading in Tests and Quizzes it is how to give those with the role Teacher's Assistant access to the submissions. More information is available in Assign TAs.

Some considerations when entering grades

Releasing Grades

Entering Zeros:

Note about Grading with Rubrics

If you are using Rubrics in your grading for Assignments, please see the following pages for more information on Rubrics: