Hold office hours with Teams

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If you've already arranged to have a Teams space created for your class (contact CPI at edtech@brocku.ca if you wish to arrange for this), the following are some steps to inviting students to a class meeting.

Teams can be a useful solution for connecting with students over private video or audio-only conferences. A useful solution has been to create a dedicate space (a channel) in which students indicate interest in office hours via chat.

Visit your courses' Teams space

Steps to locating your course's Teams space are available at Where is Teams?

Create a new channel

After opening your course's Teams space, create a new channel by

  1. clicking the ellipsis icon; then
  2. clicking Add channel
Create a new channel.png

Add details of your course's office hours

The Channel name should display office hours clearly so that students understand when timing for making contact is appropriate. Click Add.

Create office hours channel.png

Your new office hours channel is prepared

Tuesday office hours channel.png

Advise students to switch to this channel when the appropriate date and day occurs and type within the chat space that they wish to meet during the office hour.

Connect with students with video or audio-only chat

Click upon the icon of a student that has indicated interest in meeting for your office hour.

Click student-icon.png

Within the menu which appears, initiate a video or audio call with the following steps:

Start video call
Start audio call

Some things to consider

  • Establish clear boundaries around when you intend to watch the chat area in the meeting space, as students may not immediately understand that you are not monitoring at all times
  • Make clear to students that chat indications of interest in an office hour meet will be regarded as a queue. Time stamps are present for all chats and are visible to all members of the course's Team space
  • This strategy can be undertaken for multiple courses, though note that a separate channel may be needed in each course's Teams space

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