Import Final Grades into Faculty Gradebook (BrockDB)

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Importing Final Grades into Faculty Gradebook through

Final Grades are not automatically sent to the Registrar's office from Sakai. Instructors must initiate a process through Brock DB: to have their grades imported to the student information system.


  • Any manual or exceptional adjustments to final grades are best done through the Faculty Gradebook in and not in Sakai.
  • Grades in Sakai must be finalized, counted towards the course grade and be accurate before being sent to Faculty Gradebook as the process is a singular event (one shot deal). Any changes to grades after a transfer to Faculty Gradebook must be negotiated at the departmental and Registrarial levels.
  • In Faculty Gradebook you must "Release" your grades once the process is complete. Releasing the grades will send them for Departmental and Faculty approval (where appropriate), after which they will be sent to the Registrar's office for release to students.

Resources for Importing into Faculty Gradebook:

A video about Faculty Gradebook


If proceeding to "Set Zero score for empty cells" in the Course Grade column, be aware that this action cannot be undone, though individual cell values can be overwritten. Setting zero scores in the Course Grade column is an action that is applied for the whole gradebook, all sections included in the Gradebook. This action should only be taken by one person for the whole class. It is highly recommended that before doing so your grading be entirely complete (no outstanding grades to be entered) and any exceptions noted (there is an exclude grade feature that can be enabled: Excluding grades. It is also recommended that all of the Gradebook items be counting and categorized so as not to unnecessarily elevate or lower grades.

Sakai Gradebook

Before performing this transfer, please consider the following potentially critical details:

  • If your intention is that a non-submission is to be counted as a zero, be sure that a zero is recorded for that assessment. Blank cells will be automatically excluded from the course grade calculations and Sakai will calculate the course grade as if the blank cell was an 'excused' grade.
  • Be sure that grades are counting towards the course grade.
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Faculty Gradebook in BrockDB

  • Note: only instructor of record has access to the course through Faculty Gradebook.

Log into, select BrockDB and proceed to the menu.


Troubles with Faculty Gradebook?

Instructors should contact the ITS Help Desk at 905 688 5550 xt 4357 or or Lilly Biamonte ( directly.