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Instructors can import a previously exported IMS Common Cartridge (.imscc) file into a course site. This is useful for bringing in content from other Sakai sites, publisher materials, or content from other learning management systems.

Go to Lessons

Go to Lessons.png

Note: You must be on a top-level Lessons page in order to use the Import CC option.

Select More Tools, then Import CC/CP

Select More Tools, then Import CCCP.png

From the More Tools drop-down menu, select the Import CC/CP option. This will display the Import Common Cartridge File dialog.

Click Choose File

Click Choose File.png

Click the Choose File button to locate and select and upload the import file from your computer.

Click Import

Click Import.png

Click Import to import the contents of the selected IMS Common Cartridge file (.imscc) into your site.


  • Text items are not imported as displayed text but rather as links to text files. Instructors may want to copy then paste the text content into the item textbox (Click Edit).
  • Embedded images, audio and video files are imported but not displayed via the import process, however the files are imported to the sites Resources. Instructors may want to re-embed the images, audio, or video (Click Edit).
  • All linked Forums, Assignments and Quizzes are imported and reproduced in the new site's Forums, Assignments and Test & Quizzes tools.
  • All "required" and "Don't Release Item Until All Prerequisites are Completed" page properties are removed from the imported items. Instructors may want to edit the items and restore any requirements.
  • Student comments and student pages are not included in the imported package.

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