Invite students to a Teams class meeting

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If you've already arranged to have a Teams space created for your class (contact CPI at if you wish to arrange for this), the following are some steps to inviting students to a class meeting.

Add Teams to your course's Sakai site (optional)

These steps create a useful launch point to Teams for you and your students from a space with which you might already be comfortable. Some information is available at

Locate your course's Teams space

Teams is available directly to all members of the Brock community via

Log in with Brock email

Enter your Brock email into the Microsoft login space:


Log in with Brock credentials

Enter your full Brock email and password to complete login. Note that you may not be required to take this step if you've logged into Brock services recently.

Log into ADFS.png

Click the Teams icon

Teams icon.png

Click upon your class

Now that you've logged into Teams, you should see the title of your course. Clicking upon it will allow you to enter your class's Team space.

Click on your class.png