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More Actions Menu

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Clicking the ellipses (...) icon opens the More Actions menu.

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Some noteworthy options that can be accessed from the More Actions menu are outlined below.

Meeting Options

This allows you to change meeting options from within the meeting, including:

  • Who can bypass the lobby?
  • Announcements for when callers join or leave the meeting
  • Who can present?
  • Allowing attendees to use their microphones and cameras
  • Allowing access to the meeting chat and reactions

For more information about these meeting options, see our Teams Meeting Options documentation.

Meeting View Layout Options


Gallery is the default view when joining a meeting.

Large gallery

The Large gallery view will only become available when at least 10 participants have their cameras turned on. This layout option will show up to 49 participants at a time, in a 7x7 arrangement.

Together mode

Together mode will only become available if at least 5 participants have their cameras turned on. This layout option allows participants to appear like they are gathered together in one virtual space.

Background Effects

Apply background effects allows you to change the background of your video feed. For example, you can blur your background, apply one of the available background images Teams has provided, or upload your own image. For more information on background effects, see the following Microsoft documentation article.

Live Captions

Teams can detect what is being said in a call, and provide captions in real-time. Captions can be turned on and off from within the Teams meeting. More information about live captions can be found in the following Teams documentation.

Meeting Recordings

Meeting recordings will capture all audio, video, and screen-sharing activity occurring over the duration of the recording. As such, you may want to advise your students to turn their cameras off before initiating a recording, as they may not wish to be captured in the recording.

Both the meeting organizer and any meeting participants from the same organization can start or stop a recording in Teams. Everyone in the meeting is notified when a recording has been started. Depending upon your version of Teams, transcriptions may also be turned on automatically when recording is initiated. If not, you should be able to turn transcriptions on and off independently of recording.

Note: Transcriptions are currently only available as an option for scheduled non-channel Teams meetings.

For more information about recordings, transcriptions, and where they are stored, please refer to Brock's ITS documentation.

Turning Off Incoming Video

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