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It is strongly recommended that you use the site navigation, and not the back and forward buttons in your web browser, to navigate within a site.

Currently selected site

Currently selected site highlight.png

The currently selected site will appear highlighted in a different colour in the site navigation bar.

The Tool Menu

The Tool Menu..png

The Tool Menu is a customizable column along the left side of the screen with links for each available tool (e.g., Announcements, Forums, etc.). The number of links will vary depending on which tools were chosen for a site. Menu colours and icons may also vary depending on the theme or skin chosen for your site. The currently selected tool is highlighted in a different background colour than the rest of the Tool Menu and with a solid coloured line showing along the left border of the item.

Click the tool's name to go to the corresponding tool.

More questions about the Course and Project Sites?

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This page is adapted from an equivalent Sakai Community help article.

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