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Create an Audio Clip

The Sakai text editor found in Forums, Assignments, Lessons (Add Text), and Announcements provides a feature for creating short (maximum 180 seconds or 3 minutes) audio clips.

Text Editor icon for Record Audio Clip

TextEd audio icon.jpg

Select the icon for 'Record Audio Clip'.

Start Recording

Note that there is a maximum of 3 minutes (180 seconds) and that a successful attempt at recoding shows a black bar with a white sound wave as it records.

TextEd Start recording.jpg

Stop Recording

TextEd recoding stop.jpg

Preview and Post Recording

You can then preview and post the recording. If you make and error and want to re-record, press the Start recording button again.

TextEd post recording.jpg

Audio clip is now available in the Text Editor

TextEd audio recording successful.jpg

Remember to press save, update or submit, depending on what tool you are using.

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