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The Messages tool allows you to reply to a message sent to you by another member of the course.

Go to Messages

Go to Messages.png

Select the Messages tool from the Tool Menu in your site.

Go to Received folder

Go to Received folder..png

Select the Received folder to view a list of your received messages.

Open the message

Open the message..png

New messages will appear in bold text. Select the subject of the message you would like to view. Note: The paperclip icon next to the message indicates that there is a file attached.

Choose Reply or Reply to all

Choose Reply or Reply to all.png

Select Reply to reply to the author of the original message. (Or, select Reply to all to reply to all parties included on the original message.)

Compose the message and send

Compose the message and send.png

Compose the message and select Send. For instructions on composing a message, view the article Send a message.

More questions about the Messages tool?

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