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* Streamlined export of Tests and Quizzes associated with Question Pools.
* Streamlined export of Tests and Quizzes associated with Question Pools.
* Test timer functionality improvements.
* Test timer functionality improvements.
==Additional information==
* [https://confluence.sakaiproject.org/display/DOC/Sakai+20+Release+Notes Sakai 20 Release Notes (Sakai Community)]
* [https://confluence.sakaiproject.org/display/DOC/Sakai+20+Technical+Release+Notes Sakai 20 Technical Release Notes (Sakai Community)]

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Welcome to Sakai 20.3: Features and Fixes

On July 1, 2021 Sakai will be updated to version 20.3. Our update to Sakai 20.3 introduces feature expansions in the text editor, Site Info, Assignments, and Gradebook. The update also streamlines and enhances some performance issues and workflows in Tests and Quizzes, Forums, Rubrics and Lessons.

Key Features

  • In Assignments: new Sakai grading interface for Instructors and TAs with document preview in the browser for student file submissions (the old interface continues to be available).

Previous grading interface:

Assign old grader interface.png

New Grading interface:

Assign new grader interface.png
  • New Assignment status (draft, submitted, returned) updates for students.
  • OneDrive and Google Drive integration in the Sakai file upload options.
  • Site Info: new Date Manager allows instructors to update all due dates in a single page.
  • Auto-Groups enhancement simplifying the process of creating groups in a site.
  • Gradebook enhancements, including:
  1. equally weighted items within a weighted category (including those with different denominators);
  2. full screen mode and resizable columns;
  3. a new section column;
  4. the ability to Message Students directly from the Gradebook.
  • User Activity tab in Statistics provides detailed user data for instructors, and students also get a view of their own activity.
  • Tests & Quizzes enhancements:
  1. flag individual questions as extra credit;
  2. schedule assessment feedback display start/end dates.
  • "To the top" button to jump back up to the top of the page
  • New “Templates” feature in the text editor where there is an option to design text to highlight certain components, for example “key idea”, and “Instructor Insight panel”.
CKeditor Templates.jpg

Examples of the templates in use:

CKEditor templates in action.jpg

Fixes Summary

  • Minor graphic and interface updates for Tests and Quizzes, Gradebook, Lessons, and Forums.
  • Improved functioning of Rubrics with Assignments and Gradebook.
  • Import from Site functionality streamlined for Assignments and Groups.
  • Adjusted score Rubrics retains the score in instructor and student views.
  • Assignment performance and file upload improvements
  • Assignment reminder workflow adjustments.
  • Large file submissions can be compressed in a zip file for download in Assignments.
  • Forums permissions and group creation workflow improvements.
  • Performance improvements when grading Forums in Statistics and Grading.
  • Export and Grade Log functions of Gradebook improved.
  • Gradebook sorting and grade distribution improvements.
  • Expanded Gradebook deletion message for clarity.
  • Lessons tool links (e.g. Tests and Quizzes, Announcements, and Forums) workflow improvements.
  • Lessons external software integrations modified to correct performance issues.
  • Updates to embedded documents and tools in Lessons pages for visibility preferences.
  • Modifications to grading processes connected to Lessons features such as “Questions”.
  • Improved functionality of various question types (numeric, audio, file upload) in Tests and Quizzes.
  • Streamlined export of Tests and Quizzes associated with Question Pools.
  • Test timer functionality improvements.

Additional information