Schedule a Webinar

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Schedule a Webinar

Now on Teams users can schedule a webinar sessions. A Webinar requires participants to register prior to the start of the event. After registering participants will receive the meeting link.

You may consider creating a webinar instead of a regular meeting session, if you are opening your meeting to persons within the Brock Community, and would like that participants identify themselves before gaining access to the meeting link.

How To Schedule a Webinar

To Schedule a webinar please follow these steps:

Open The calendar on MS Teams platform, then click the purple "+ New Meeting" button

Add new meeting.jpg

In the Require Registration section and select the "For People in my org" option.

Create Webinar.jpg

Then add the webinar title, the required speakers, time, date, etc. Once these details are set, review the registration form. To customize the registration form click the "View registration form" link

View Webinar registration Form.jpg

Then customize the Registration.

Configure registration form.jpg

Here you can upload an image, update meeting details, add speaker bios and configure registration questions. By default this form requires registrants to add their first and last name, and their email address. You can also add additional fields to the registration, (i.e. address, city, country, postal code, industry, job title, organization) and you can add customized questions as well.

Save registration link.jpg

Once you are happy with the settings, "save" the registration form. Then open the form in your browser to confirm that it is correct from the registrant's point of view. Click the "copy registration link" and share it to your peers and students.

Please note that at this time registration is only available to persons with a Brock email address. External guests can still attend the webinar if you provide the meeting link directly.

Ensure that the meeting details are correct, and send the meeting invitation to the speakers & external guests.

After the webinar has ended you will have access to the registration report & attendance list. Go to the calendar on teams select the webinar and download the registration report to view it.

Download registration list.jpg

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