Set up a Gradebook with categories for organization and/or dropping grades

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In this scenario, you are setting up a gradebook with categories but no weighting. It provides a straightforward calculation of total points earned in the course. However, the addition of categories allows you to use the Group by Category option to organize the visual layout of your gradebook items. In addition, you have the option to drop grades within categories if desired.

Go to Gradebook.

Go to Gradebook..png

Select the Gradebook tool from the Tool Menu in your site.

Click the Settings tab.

Click the Settings tab..png

Click to expand the Categories and Weighting section.

Click to expand the Categories and Weighting section..png

Select the Categories only radio button.

Additional options will display once you select categories only.

Enter categories.

Enter categories..png
  1. Click the Add a category button to add more categories.
  2. For this example, enter each category as follows: Homework, Projects, Exams.

Enable drop highest, drop lowest, and/or keep highest. (Optional)

If you would like to be able to drop or keep a subset of scores within categories, check the box next to Drop highest, Drop lowest, and/or Keep highest.

Note: In order to drop items within a category, all items in that category must be worth the same point value.

Indicate the number of items to be dropped or kept within each category.

Indicate the number of items to be dropped or kept within each category..png

Click Save Changes.

Click Save Changes..png

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